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Goldsmith is a spectator as Khan makes his acceptance speech in London City Hall last night
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Sadiq Khan storms London to numb Labour pains
Historic mayoral win fuelled by high turnout Labour suffers in Scotland and Wales Scottish surge seals pleasing night for Tories
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Whitehall Correspondent
Sadiq Khan, the son of a bus driver who grew up on a south London council estate, has been elected as London’s first Muslim mayor, in a resounding
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victory fuelled by higher than expected turnout, which will bring the capital under Labour control for the first time in eight years. Mr Khan, a former human rights lawyer, becomes the most influential office-holding Labour politician in the country and the most pow- erful Muslim political figure in
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Europe. The result provided a timely boost for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who earlier in the day saw his party slip to third place behind the SNP and the Conservatives in Scot- land and lose its longstanding dominance in the Welsh Assembly. The Tories avoided big council losses in England.