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Sir Elton says thank you for supporting our Christmas campaign to end Aids

The singer and his partner David Furnish yesterday in a video from their home

Sir Elton John and David Furnish yesterday said thank you to everyone who has supported The Independent’s AIDSfree appeal so far.

The couple wrapped up the 12 days of our online video Christmas series with yesterday’s message from their home in Berkshire.

Over the last 11 days, celebrities and HIV campaigners have been recording their appeals for your donations to AIDSfree, which is supporting projects run by the Elton John AIDS Foundation in the UK and across the world.

AIDSfree is aiming to boost awareness about HIV and Aids, and encourage those at risk of contracting the virus to be tested to discover their status. They can then access the treatment and support they need to lead a full and normal life.

Donate to our campaign

By phone: Call 020 7603 9996

By text: Give £5 or £10 by texting GIVE5 or GIVE10 to 70755


Sir Elton said: “Merry 12th day of Christmas and massive thanks to everyone that has helped our AIDSfree campaign.”

David continued: “For the 12th and final day of Christmas, we wanted to share something wonderful with you. An HIV diagnosis used to be a death sentence. Now, after 12 months of treatment, you can have a normal life expectancy.”

Sir Elton is delighted with the success of the appeal so far and said Independent and Evening Standard readers can help bring us closer to defeating aids in our lifetime.

He added: “We have come so far. What we need now is the love and compassion to make sure that no one gets left behind.”

David said: “Today is a good day to show that as a global community we all care about making the world a safer, healthier place.”

Finishing their Christmas message, Sir Elton said: “To help us get there please click on the donation link. Every donation takes us one step further to an AIDSfree future in countries around the world. Thank you so much and have a wonderful Christmas.”